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Restaurant Replicators

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Wondering how to create and post your own Restaurant Replication video? I'm here to help you out!

Keep in mind, each chef can make their own type of video choosing what they would like to show.

Also, don't worry if you forget to snap a photo or video along the way! The internet may be able to help you find an image of the dish, or you can go without.

Here are the steps I use:

  1. Take a quick video of the restaurant environment when you are seated (if doing takeout, this step is not needed.)

  2. Use a photo or video illustrating the menu item you will be recreating so viewers know what the dish's description is.

  3. Film your food once it arrives.

  4. Snap a clear photo of the plate before diving in.

  5. Record short snippets of yourself cooking (just enough to show the steps.)

  6. Take a video of yourself plating the recreation. It may help to have someone film for you but propping up your phone is also possible.

  7. Snap a picture of your final product.

  8. Using iMovie, or another platform for combining media, put everything together in chronological order.

  9. Using a voiceover technology, mute the videos and tell us what's cooking.

  10. Upload to YouTube and post with the recipe in this group discussion.

  11. That's it!


Welcome to Restaurant Replicators! This group is for foodies...


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