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What I envision..

I would love this platform to enable communities of foodies to form. In person potluck events, cooking competitions, and the formation of forever foodie friendships would be a great outcome of this start-up. Help me get there by signing up and interacting with others.


Why I'm a Foodie with a Food Blog

I have always loved eating different foods and trying out new recipes that I find. Food is one of the few things everyone needs in life, so why not make it good and share that commonality with others!


Diving into my passions, food and communications, I decided to start my own food blog, College Chefette, as I'm just a girl in school who wants to share her hobby with others. I also hope to create a community among chefs wanting to meet others who value and enjoy creating deliciousness.


My food blog is a fun way to track what I'm munching on and cooking up in the kitchen. You can find foods I have made, bought, disliked, taken from the UConn dining halls, and hope to make sometime soon (keep in mind that I just cook for fun; I'm no professional chef).


Pictures sell food. Personally, I only look at recipes, whether in a cookbook or online, that includes images of how it should look. That's why you will find a lot of food pics and little writing.


Every few weeks I scroll through my recent photos and upload the foods I have photographed that are worth sharing. This tour of my food life shows what my taste buds are experiencing and where my serotonin is energized from. 

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