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College Chefette

eating is a journey worth following

Crepe 1_edited.jpg
Past Challenge: chicken herb crepe

Restaurant Replication

Challenge #2

Congratulations: Holy Crepe
Holy Crepe_edited.jpg
Tasty Thai-Ups 1.jpeg
Past Challenge: thai lettuce wraps

Restaurant Replication
Challenge #1


Congratulations: Tasty Thai-Ups
Tasty Thai-Ups 2.jpeg
Food Blog About Me.HEIC
About Me


I'm just a college student who likes food. Not only eating it, but making, photographing, and writing about it.

I value a community where like-minded people can share honest thoughts, de-stress, and learn from others. Check out the first community I created: Restaurant Replicators.

Thanks for checking out my blog,

XO Rachel

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What's a Foodie?
"a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads"
-Merriam Webster
What's a Chefette?
not an actual word, this is my term for myself as a young, unprofessional chef
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