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BBQ in East Village

New York City is fun for many reasons: museums, shopping, Broadway, concerts, tourism, and most importantly, eating!

Many blocks of the city have a large variety of cuisines, making it nearly impossible not to find something you'll enjoy.

When exploring the East Village with my dad in November, we were surprised to have some trouble finding a good place to grab lunch. With TikTok having built up my expectations for this area of the city, I was bummed to find very few open restaurants and not many people. It turns out that East Village is more of a night life scene with young adults and bars, making it a busy weekend destination.

I still enjoyed our adventure and got to take in the beauty of the streets and artsy vibe without so many people bustling by. We got to thrift and tour the Tenement Museum- I highly recommend this as a great educational opportunity on history.

For lunch, after stopping by a few Asian noodle places and struggling to find something we would enjoy, my dad and I came upon Mighty Quinn's BBQ.

Above is our pulled pork bowl with three sides: mac n' cheese, coleslaw, and baked beans. This was a great choice to share and I would definitely eat it again. The meat's spice level was perfect for our tolerances and the temperature between the foods was well balanced.

While I would not go back and explore the East Village again during the day, I would try something else at this eatery. Fortunately, there is also a Mighty Quinn's booth at Madison Square Garden. Maybe I will order something from there next time I go to a basketball game (although it definitely won't have superb lighting as the window next to our table in the restaurant).

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