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Gobbling Away

This semester my entrepreneurship program went on a field trip to Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm in Moosup, Connecticut. We accepted the challenge of a corn maze, my first one ever. Following the completion of an hour walking and getting lost through corn stalks, we got lunch at the farm's market.

Being a Turkey Farm, I had to try the turkey. I also love Thanksgiving food and at the time, the holiday was weeks away. It's terrible and I hate to say it, but I think the farm uses their own turkeys for food. Fresh turkey and trying what Ekonk Hill is known for sounded like a must.

A cohort member and I shared the sandwich pictured below: turkey, cranberry and stuffing on white bread. I would rate this a 6/10. While the turkey was really tasty and possibly the freshest I've ever had, the bread was cold (not toasted) and the overall bite was dry. I was disappointed after asking the chef for a small side of gravy to dip my half into and she did not have enough.

If returning to Ekonk Hill, I would try the ice cream. This was a popular purchase from many of my fellow entrepreneurs as the farm makes many homemade flavors. If I wanted more of a snack than a meal, I would've tried some.

Our get-away from campus was fun and I would recommend checking this place out if you're ever bored in the middle of Connecticut.

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