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Fortina Bucatini

First Restaurant Replication Complete! "Bucatini All' Amatriciana" - Fortina in Armonk, New York

Cooking Cost (5 servings with meatballs): $22- minus items I had in house (breadcrumbs, milk, eggs, olive oil, salt, carrot, dried oregano).

Purchase Cost (1 serving with bacon): $16

Replication Match: 7/10



I ran out of onion so used onion powder instead.

I used 1 can of peeled tomatoes and one can of crushed (purchased the crushed by accident).

I added chili powder and red pepper flakes for heat.


*Note- if using store bought bread crumbs, do not add milk until the meat and crumbs are combined. The milk and bread crumbs form a thick paste that is difficult to mix.

Plating instructions can be found in video. Have fun!

Shannon Daniels
tiffany chen


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