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Spain in NYC

If you like Spanish food or if you've never tried it, I recommend the Spanish Diner at Mercado Little Spain in Hudson Yards. I had been to a Spanish restaurant until this lunch with my dad. We had been at a business show and ended the great day with a memorable meal.

We decided to try different foods as a way of exploring a variety of Spanish dishes. We ordered these 4:

  1. Patatas Bravas: fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and garlic aioli.

  2. Croquetas de Cocido: beef, chicken, ham, and cheese fritters.

  3. Gazpacho: chilled tomato and vegetable soup.

  4. Ensalada de Pollo: Romaine, Moorish marinated chicken, cucumber, green onion and hazelnuts with yogurt and lemon dressing.

Everything was very tasty. I would go back and while trying something new, would also get any of these options again.

We wanted to try churros but were so full from this spread. However, this gives us great reason to go back!

Not only was the food delicious and unusual for this area of the world, but the restaurant had a funky vibe. There were some glass tables made from old foosball tables, wicker chairs, and just a lot going on for a Monday afternoon.

If you get excited for good food, check out Mercado Little Spain.

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