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Rainbow Cake: Pride Month Perfection

Celebrating a friend's birthday, we got early dinner at Louie's Grille and Liquors in Port Washington, Long Island.

With an amazing waterfront view, we took our time and enjoyed a three course meal. Ending it with this 5-layer rainbow cake was the best. Not only does it look good, but it tasted great!

Before dessert, the restaurant's food was decent, not great for the cost but the truffle fries made up for fair Caesar salad dressing. We barely saved room for the sweets (I think anyone can make room for dessert).

Each layer was a moist, light and fluffy cake. The icing was soft and sweet, diving each layer and surrounding the cake slice. We not only loved eating this colorful treasure, but looking at it and taking pictures of it was fun. I would totally drive to Port Washington to get this $16 beauty again (and see my friend of course).

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