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Please Pepper My Eggs

Breakfast is not always my favorite meal at school. It's often unpredictable whether the options will be warm, taste fresh, or be different than the day before. The meal ends at 10:30, so getting up to eat breakfast is not usually worth it. I love scrambled eggs. I usually ask for them, along with fruit or oatmeal, as fuel to begin the day. However, on mornings like the one photographed below, the eggs are dry, chunky, and taste fake. They NEED a pepper packet to come alive.

As mentioned above, breakfast is unpredictable. Sometime the eggs will be really good and fresh. The cheese eggs are reliable 8/10 times to be more moist than the regular scrambled.

Hopefully the bad breakfast experiences I've had are due to the pandemic, with hope for better morning meals during sophmore year.

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