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Taste of India

One of my favorite cuisines offered at UConn is Indian. With flavors and spices that not everyone likes, seeing chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, naan, samosas, and more Indian options on the menu makes me excited to eat at the dining hall (sometimes I will even grab early dinner to have fresh options.)

I always get the chicken, since the tikka masala sauce is a 5/5 and the chicken is cooked in small, tender bites. I can always rely on the rice and naan to be good as well, a basic carb to balance my meal.

It is unfortunate that the Indian food runs out quickly, and for someone who likes to eat dinner closer to 7:30, often times the best dishes are no longer available. Fun fact, the staff put a 2-piece limit on the naan since lots of students would ask for more. Who knew there was a bread budget!

I was lucky to get the meal photographed above. It was a delicious container with perfect variety. While not the healthiest, this was definitely one of the best meals I had all semester.

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1 Comment

Emma Lombardi
Emma Lombardi
Jul 12, 2021

OMG!!! That looks amazing!!! 😋

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