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October Sundae- UConn Dairy Bar

While there are many great things about UConn, the ice cream is definitely one of it's best features. Whether an afternoon snack with friends, activity during a family visit, or needed treat on a hot day (of which are not abundant during the windy school year in Storrs), a trip to the Dairy Bar is always a good time.

My first normal time getting UConn ice cream was during the Fall '21 semester. Finally past the Covid phase of ordering online and receiving the order in your car trunk, I went into the ice cream shop and could order any flavor and topping combo. For my first experience, I went all in and ordered the Sundae of the Month.

The Maple Walnut flavor was very satisfying, with a creamy maple base and pieces of walnut mixed within. The sundae was topped with heath bar crumble, a mountain of whipped cream, seasonal sprinkles (autumn leaves), and a cherry. It was worth the memory and the photos, but I would not order the Sundae of the Month again.

The bowl was way more massive than it appears. I underestimated its size and was not a fan of the toppings themselves. There was almost too much whipped cream which made it hard to access the ice cream: the best part! Lucky to be with a friend who was down to try a few bites, we polished off a good amount before the masterpiece became soup.

It's nice having the Dairy Bar right next to the school's farm. Walking the grassy hill with the ice cream and looking over at campus while eating it is a relaxing escape from school work. Next time you need a sweet treat and an escape, stop by the UConn Dairy Bar and explore the variety of flavors- Maple Walnut if you go in the Fall.

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