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Fishy Tacos

I don't often ask for dining hall fish as it never looks or smells great and my friend had a bad experience from a piece of salmon. However, the Blazing Red Fish Tacos sounded like the best option one night so I gave them a try. I got two tacos in soft tortillas, with a chipotle aioli below the fish and two different salsas on top: one mango and one pico de gallo.

The tacos were surprisingly an enjoyable dinner from Putnam Dining Hall. The fish were warm with crispy fried exteriors.

My only complaint is that the tortilla felt separated from the large piece of fish, as it wasn't cut or spread out. I used a fork to eat the fish and salsa separately, removing them from the soft shell. Unless the tortilla adds to my taco, I never eat the extra calories.

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