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Kitchen: Day 2

My second day at the hospital was full of new experiences. It was fun to create new items for patients and customers.

First, we cut up melon and created fruit cups. We then assembled half-sandwiches (tuna salad and turkey) and placed both items in a container with mustard and mayonnaise packets. These are placed on the floors for patients during the nighttime when the kitchen is closed.

After this, we assembled dumplings and salad scoops for sale: tuna, chicken, and egg salad. Everything is measured with a scoop to ensure consistency (we used gray- the kitchen's largest).

The next activity was baking! We used ripe bananas to make banana bread for the kitchen staff to enjoy. This was a great way to be resourceful and avoid waste. The two batches were a chocolate chip and a chocolate chip, walnut combination.

Lastly, we prepared overnight oats to soak for the next day. We assembled two kinds: almond milk and soy milk. Nothing else was added to this mixture, as toppings are added when the containers and prepared for sale.

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