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Colorful & Creative Kitchen Creations

The kitchen produces many exciting items for sale. Perfect for the summer, acai bowls with fresh fruit, and overnight oats with blueberries are few of the many grab-and-go foods that I have prepped this summer.

Another overnight oats that the hospital makes is peanut butter and jelly themed. Grape jelly is put on the bottom, then the peanut butter oats, and the entire cup is topped with crushed peanuts. Inspired from my volunteering, I tried this combination at home. It was a satisfying breakfast: sweet and salty oatmeal with a crunch.

Bento boxes are another satisfying and popular item. The protein box is pictured above: hard boiled egg, celery sticks, pita bread, cheddar cheese, grapes, and hummus. We make many of these at a time-s they are a popular choice among staff and visitors.

Everything is fun to prep! So far this summer, I have learned about food safety, serving portions, and time management in the kitchen (among many other things).

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