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Kitchen: Day 1

Today I started volunteering in the hospital kitchen- it has been four years since my last shift (summer before the pandemic.) It was very nice to be back: there have been many great changes but I still picked up right where I left off.

First, I helped with labeling sushi that came packaged and is served at the grab and go stations in the cafeteria and café. I sorted through the fresh food shelves to ensure that nothing was past its expiration date.

Next I prepared a catering order: caprese, turkey, and tuna salad sandwiches.

Then I made chicken cordon blue paninis. This was the daily sandwich in the cafeteria- heated to order during lunch time.

After this, we extracted pomegranate seeds for a salad. Another student, the cook, and I compared methods for doing this most efficiently: cutting the fruit in half and hitting the ends with a spoon versus trimming the ends, slightly cutting into the fruit, and pulling it apart to access the seeds. We found that the second method, a more gentle approach, was cleaner (less bleeding from the seeds) and more resourceful with better access to all seeds.

To end the day, we assembled pudding cups for sale. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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