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Brunch With a View! Provincetown, MA

The picture below probably sells this brunch spot :)))) The Club in P-Town...

The menu is not huge, we were a little bummed when finally finding a place to eat (the restaurant recommended by a local was closed on Wednesdays), but everyone found something to order.

  • Front left: scrambled eggs, English muffin, and home fries

  • Back left: breakfast tacos

  • Front right: burrata salad

  • Back right: French toast bread pudding

With vibes that would match a NYC rooftop brunch, The Club was youthful and different. The interior must be crazy at night, with a huge bar and neon pink light. The outdoor patio where we sat was along the water with fun seating all around: benches, tables, bar stools, etc.

This is one of those limited option restaurants but everything is pretty good. The scrambled eggs were not diner quality, but had a charm that I appreciated. On the other hand, the potatoes and English muffin (I added jelly) were the best I've ever had: warm, soft, and full of taste.

The French toast was like no other. The bread pudding texture was more dense than normal bread would have been, but it was so sweet and came with a syrup type sauce.

I would love to try this restaurant for dinner and explore more of their atmosphere. Provincetown has plenty of food options, all of which looked, smelled, and are said to be good (high taxes so only the best can stay open). The fact that I would return to The Club with all of their competition is a compliment.

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Emma Lombardi
Emma Lombardi
Jul 12, 2021


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