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Restaurant Replicators

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First Restaurant Replication Challenge! Who will create the closest plate?

Challenge: Cheesecake Factory Thai Lettuce Wraps

Submit Deadline: August 6, 2021

What to do: attempt to create a replica of this appetizer plate (judged on creativity or exactness).

What to Submit: one or two photos illustrating your hard work and exactness

Where to Submit:

Description: Create your own- Satay Chicken Strips or Grilled Avocado, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Coconut Curry Noodles and Lettuce Leaves with Three Spicy Thai sauces: Peanut, Sweet Red Chili and Tamarind-Cashew

Prize: Surprise (it's good!)

Have fun, Chefettes!


Welcome to Restaurant Replicators! This group is for foodies...


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