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Cauliflower Crust (I might stick to buying them frozen)

I was brave...

I love cauliflower and the trendy cauliflower crust sounded like a fun challenge. It was exciting to be creating something new and healthier than the average pizza. With sauce and cheese on top, how bad could it be!

I found a recipe online and the images appeared to be crispy and look tasty. My photos might look yummy too. However, the crust was only crisp on the outside and cooking it any longer would have burned the edges. The inside: not solid and very floppy :(

Here is the recipe I followed:

I learned a lot from this experiment. A recipe rated 5 stars, it's very likely I made a little mistake that hurt my results. I believe it was this: not draining the cauliflower after blending/food processing it. The mixture was likely holding too much moisture that didn't dry out in the oven.

If you attempt to make cauliflower crust, whether this recipe or another, I wish you good luck. If it's a success, let us know in the comments and share your recipe. I would like to try again!

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