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Pick Me Up Risotto Balls

For Thanksgiving during the pandemic, my family did an outdoors appetizer gathering to grab food and sit six-feet apart. Then we sent the real dinner food home with everyone to Zoom chat and eat. It was a creative spin to celebrate my favorite holiday, and somewhat disappointing, but definitely was a memorable event.

I made risotto balls for the first time, with marinara to dip (my family uses the brand Victoria that can be found at most grocery stores). While they weren't perfectly round, the dish had a good taste. My frying method did not have enough oil for simply dropping the balls in, causing the flatness.

View this 50 minute recipe below. They have three types of cheese and need time to cool before cooking- once shaped, they have to chill to remain the round structure:

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Olivia Berenson
Olivia Berenson

I can't wait to try making them, they look amazing!

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