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Pleasing Pasta e Fagioli

I copied this recipe from a famous TikTok chef. It was worth taking a second serving, my only critique being the desire for more broth compared to pasta.

This was my first time using the rind of parmigiano reggiano cheese to add flavor to something I cooked. It definitely made a huge difference, adding a strong taste and helping to thicken the broth a tad. As a vegetarian version of this classic Italian soup, the rind was needed to substitute prosciutto and other meats normally found in Pasta e Fagioli.

The recipe also called for pureeing a small portion of the soup (before adding the pasta) which created thickness as well. The lentils, cannellini beans, diced tomatoes, celery, carrots, onion, and other broth ingredients became a perfect consistency for this type of soup.

Find this recipe below:

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Kariny Topolosci
Kariny Topolosci
14 jul 2021

Looks so yummy!

Me gusta
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