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Personal Restaurant Replication:
Zohara Braised Lamb Cous- Cous
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Replication Challenge

Want to join fellow foodies and chefettes in a competition? Try your best to replicate specific restaurant dishes!

Don't like something on the plate? No problem: creativity counts!!

Goals of Restaurant Replicators:


Become a platform for people to gain recipe inspiration and dish ideas to replicate.


Serve as a stress-free cook zone for chef's to share their trial and error recipe replication experiments and share their laughs with others.


Provide fun challenges and competitions; First place prize (a restaurant gift card) for effort and/or creativity.


Home for building connections with fellow foodies and finding friends with similar interersts.


Go-to place for sharing cooking exhibitions and what you learned from trying to copy a specific menu item.


Learn how to plate foods in a restaurant way, add extra seasonings to match flavors, be creative in the kitchen, and educate yourself on how to form different tastes.


Ask questions for recipe matching and receive help to be as accurate as possible.

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Cooking Communities

Restaurant Dish You Want to Replicate But Missing the Motivation?
Submit a Challenge Idea Here:
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