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S'mores Waffle at Mt. Kisco Diner

For my birthday, I celebrated with several friends at the Mt. Kisco Diner. This restaurant is barely a diner since it has a more elegant menu and is no longer open late hours. Our group of 9 waited 2 hours for a lunch table. Because it's a popular place with over 79K followers on Instagram, there is always a wait.

I wanted breakfast food, my go to at diners. I was very indecisive but finally chose the S'mores Waffle, advertised as a "buttermilk Belgian waffle topped with toasted marshmallows and crushed graham crackers, drizzled with chocolate and caramel." This is what I received, except the marshmallows were toasted less than I though, having a solid rather than melty consistency.

This waffle satisfied my sweet craving but was not great. I would not order it again. Next time I will try another unique item off the large menu.

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