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Pink Café, White Burrata

Pietro NoLita, an all pink café near Soho NYC, was on my bucket list for a while. My sister and I decided to finally check it out for late lunch when thrifting. The restaurant was definitely smaller than expected, but was all pink as advertised. We did not order the popular pink cocktails, but enjoyed fresh burrata. It was a yummy quick snack along our 19,000 step journey.

The burrata were chilled and had a nice texture, served with focaccia and sweet potato. The focaccia was delicious, crispy on the outside, but warm and soft inside: a flavorful bite. The sweet potatoes were a great touch below the burrata, providing additional olive oil. I believe the potatoes were a Spring addition because the Summer menu now includes grilled peaches with the burrata appetizer.

If in the area, I might go back to the café but would try something different off the menu, such as one of their pasta dishes. My food was good but not great (maybe I'm just not a burrata person although I have enjoyed it more in the past.)

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