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Panera is Perfect

Panera was a great brunch spot to catch up with my friend. After being indecisive with everything on the menu sounding yummy, I ordered the You Pick Two with Mac and Cheese and the Apple Fuji Salad with Chicken (feta instead of gorgonzola.)

I could not have been happier with this order. My carb and healthy cravings were both satisfied. If you've never tried this Panera salad, I'm telling you to. The apple chips are the best crunch for a summery salad and Panera chicken is heavenly.

No worries if you're also an indecisive person, because I chose your next Panera meal. On top of this, I received my free birthday pastry and got the chocolate croissant. Maybe the best I've ever had: super chocolaty, crispy but not too flakey, and just the best sweet treat.

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