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Chicken Enchiladas, More Like Chicken Enchiladaaa!

As my goal when choosing recipes is to make something that I've never tried cooking before, I stumbled upon a chicken enchilada recipe and it seemed to be worth the effort. This dish was a lot of work with many steps, but they're one of my favorite things I've prepared. My mom asks for them all the time.

Enchiladas are warm, soft, and packed with flavor. In my opinion, they're underrated. I'm personally not a fajita fan, as the shell is too separated from everything else. I would rather just eat the filling alone. Nachos and burritos also fall behind tacos and enchiladas on my list of favorite Mexican food.

To make these enchiladas, follow the recipe link below. I guarantee you will enjoy them; the chicken filling is amazing by itself, so if this recipe is too long for busy weekday cooking, just make the chicken part.

Give yourself slightly over an hour:

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Emma Lombardi
Emma Lombardi
Jul 14, 2021


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