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Cava, New Canaan

Ever looking for a place to eat on the New York, Connecticut border? Cava, in New Canaan Connecticut, is one of the town's many yummy restaurants. Wanting a nice place to meet a friend for lunch, we both tried Cava Wine Bar and Wood Grille for the first time. For a lunch price fix of $22, the menu had a broad selection and our food was gourmet for a Thursday.

I wanted something healthy but on the fancier end of Italian. That's why I ordered the pear salad and grilled salmon.

Starting the meal, the pear salad was light and fresh but lacked a tasteful dressing. I valued the taste of each salad ingredient but that unifying flavor was not there. I also would have enjoyed a few more walnuts for additional crunch.

The salmon was a great dish, perfectly cooked and served with beat salad on top and roast potatoes and carrots below. The vegetables had a powerful seasoning and tenderness that I loved.

For $22, I was happy. However, I would try other New Canaan restaurants before returning here.

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