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Burger Me Up

One of my family's favorite summer dinners is a burger. They're great to throw on the bbq and with a few side dishes, the meal is ready. With many burger restaurants and American fast food chains, access to an instantly served burger is so easy that it may not sound like a dinner worth making yourself. I'm here to tell you that homemade burgers are the best!

This year we had a Memorial Day bbq, which happened to fall on my birthday. Burgers, fries, coleslaw, my famous street corn, and some cucumber salad made the perfect colorful plate. To prepare a restaurant quality burger at home, just healthier and with more love, it's this simple:

  1. cook your burger on the bbq to your desired doneness (I prefer turkey meat with Muenster or Swiss cheese and it tastes healthier than beef, but any ground meat works)

  2. toast your bun, either on the grill or in the toaster oven. This time I tried a sweet multigrain roll and it was very good.

  3. place your meat on the bottom of the bun and top with clean veggies. I use lettuce, tomato, red onion, and avocado (a Cali burger as my mom would call it.)

  4. Enjoy :)

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